In the Super Cheap Web Hosting Site Control Panel you can find a user friendly Site Builder tool, that you can use to make your website. Super Cheap Web Hosting’s Website Builder features over 100 completely unique website templates, available in numerous color options, that you can customize to your preferences. In order to create a different website, you won’t have to understand HTML, PHP, CSS or other programming language. Everything you should know is how to work with the simple–to–use manager in the Web–site Builder. It can be used to instantly design completely new pages, update their details, incorporate new components to your website and many more.

A Handy Site Builder

No encoding practical experience is necessary

Not everybody has the needed time and capacity to find out how to set up a private or enterprise web site on their own. Because of this, we provide you with a quite simple, straightforward site building application that will help you get your web site online in just a few min’s. It works with over 100 pre–defined web themes that you can personalize to your liking.

Using the Website Builder, you no longer need to learn HTML, PHP or other language to build up your personal site. If, however, you need help employing the program, you can check out Super Cheap Web Hosting’s step–by–step videos or help posts.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

Miscellaneous Web site Themes

Over a hundred web templates to select from

The Website Builder tool comes with an array of over one hundred specific web themes. They are made to address the most widespread types sites – blogs, individual websites, portfolios, web stores etc. All of our zero–cost templates arrives with different coloring choices and two distinct layout variations.

At any moment, you can quickly replace the theme of your website with a brand new one, or modify the color pattern. All the web pages you have developed are going to be kept and your site is going to be updated with the new look in an instant.

Multiple Website Templates

Step–by–step Video Tutorials

See how uncomplicated it really is to to set up a web site

The Website Builder also has an array of educational videos that can direct you from the moment of opening the application, to personalizing your existing webpages. The training videos are created as per the most frequently asked questions regarding Super Cheap Web Hosting’s Website Builder so as to cover what users really need to understand.

If you need further support, you may also examine the step–by–step courses or communicate with Super Cheap Web Hosting’s 24x7 support crew.

Video Tutorials