With Super Cheap Web Hosting, you will gain access to a really convenient–to–use website creation tool. It’s really uncomplicated and it features a user interface that is guaranteed to be immediately recognizable to everybody who has ever dealt with an admin area. The website creation tool has quite a lot of exceptional site templates which you can tweak with just a click of the mouse and create a website as you like. And to top it all off, every website theme is fully responsive, so your new site will be perfect on phones, tablets and computers right away.

The website creation tool is a part of the Super Cheap Web Hosting Site Control Panel, present with all cloud plans, VPS plans, semi-dedicated plans, and dedicated web hosting plans packages.

A user friendly website creation tool

No programming knowledge is necessary

The website creation tool packed with the Super Cheap Web Hosting dashboard is pretty user friendly. It allows you to build your site with simple point&click actions. You do not have to understand HTML, CSS or other programming language. If you’ve so far employed an application or even a text editing tool, then you’ll already understand how to employ the website creation tool.

Via its site editor, you can move page contents the way you like and customize them with just a click. Also, you could embed photos, videos, and even your own discussion board, etc. in almost no time.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

A selection of easy–to–customize website themes

Super cool website designs that look excellent on phones, tablets and desktops

It won’t matter what kind of site you choose to construct, the Super Cheap Web Hosting’s website creation tool will have a value to you. It offers a decent library of free–of–cost site themes that are ideal for any sort of sites – individual pages, e–commerce stores, discussion forums, etc.

To make your site even more attractive from the very start you can use the range of different design layouts and color combinations included along with every template. Plus, each website theme features built–in support for more than 100 different web fonts which can be changed with a click of the mouse. Also, you’ll gain complete access to a large set of stock photos.

In case you choose to change your website theme at some moment, all tweaks you’ve implemented will be switched over to the new site template accordingly.

A selection of easy–to–customize website themes

Built–in helpdesk and how–to videos

See how quick it actually is to create an online presence

The Super Cheap Web Hosting’s website creation tool has a help area which features detailed step–by–step articles and videos inspired by the most commonly asked questions by clients.

You can watch how to change your website template and create an all new page. Besides, you can discover exactly how you can set another theme or even add a discussion portal onto your website.

Moreover, you can communicate with us at any moment if you require real–time assistance with your website.

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