A safe and secure web app firewall software

All our cloud hosting packages offer ModSecurity automatically. ModSecurity is a tiny Apache module that does a great job – it functions as a web app firewall software, efficiently protecting your web site against hacker attacks. What is even more it all takes place momentarily, without you having to configure or tweak anything. Your web sites will be safeguarded as soon as you host them with us.

Data Backups

Have you ever lost your website content? Make use of our data backup solution

When published on the World Wide Web, your website content is susceptible to hack assaults. It may be affected even by your own unintentional actions. Select us and, there’s nothing to worry about, because we keep a backup of your website content, which can recovered at any time. Besides, you will be able to create manual backups of your whole website with a simple mouse click using the File Manager, which is available in the Site Control Panel. The system will successfully restore all your files and will store them in an archive, which will be kept in your web hosting account.

Solid–State Drives

Solid–state–drive–driven cloud web hosting servers

All our cloud hosting servers boast solid–state disks instead of normal hard drives. Solid–state disks boast faster read ’n’ write speeds, which implies that your site will load faster. No extra web site modifications are needed.

As a result of the perfect web connectivity options offered by each of our cloud hosting Datacenters, your web site will begin to open significantly faster once you start using our hosting services.

File Manager

A drag ’n’ drop GUI

Working with the File Manager located in the Site Control Panel feels the same as working with your computer file system. You can upload a file or a folder to our server or the other way around with a simple drag & drop movement. In addition, you will be able to create, move, copy, rename and delete files & folders with a simple mouse click. The code editor and the What–You–See–Is–What–You–Get editor will make it possible for you to modify your files from within the Control Panel. If you require help, you can watch the included how–to video tutorials.

True Cloud Platform

We have designed our own highly customizable cloud hosting platform using the latest first–rate technology. Having every service (DNSs, emails, databases, applications, etc.) dealt with by a separate server, your web site content will operate in the cloud and will also be totally shielded against occasional downtimes and service disruptions.

24x7 Support

Ask us anything at all. We’re here for you 24x7x365

Waiting for a long time to obtain any reply from the client support staff is really annoying, irrespective of how insignificant the issue is. This is the reason why, here, at Super Cheap Web Hosting, we offer you a one–hour response time guarantee, and our customer support staff representatives regularly reply within just 20 minutes through the ticketing platfrom available in the Site Control Panel. They’re at your disposal 24x7x365.

Remote MySQL Access

Remotely connect to your MySQL database

Normally, a MySQL database could only be accessed by web sites that are hosted in the very same account as the database. But with our Remote MySQL option, you are able to grant database access to another hostname. This can be very helpful if you own several online shops and wish to share a client database between all of them.

30–Day Money–Back Guarantee

Not satisfied with your site’s speed? Ask for a full refund.

We are trying our best to deliver a first–class web hosting service to you. A brand new cloud hosting platform, a choice of top–class Datacenters along with a set of Web Accelerator Programs will ensure the very best speeds for all your web sites. Even so, if you aren’t satisfied with our hosting services, you will be able to request a full refund in the first 30 days of your registration.

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